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Customized AGV Lithium Battery Solution 48V 50Ah 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Customized AGV Lithium Battery Solution 48V 50Ah 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Customized AGV Lithium Battery

AGV Lithium Battery Solution

48V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Place of Origin:

Hunan, China

Brand Name:

Joypo or buyer's brand



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Product Details
Product Name:
Maintenance-Free 48v 50ah AGV Lithium Batteries
Nominal Voltage:
Nominal Capacity:
50Ah/100Ah/200Ah/300Ah/400Ah Or Customized
Solar/AGV/Forklift/Golf Cart
Cycle Life:
2000 Cycles
Battery Type:
LiFePO4 Battery Pack
48V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery For AGV
2 Years
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Carton or wooden carton
Delivery Time
7-20 days
Payment Terms
D/A, L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
20000pcs per month
Product Description

Joypo Cutting-edge AGV Lithium Battery Solution LiFePO4 48V 50Ah 100Ah



From a user perspective, choosing lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries for AGV applications offers several advantages due to the following reasons:


Higher Energy Density: Lithium batteries have a higher energy density compared to lead-acid batteries, providing more power in a smaller and lighter package. This allows AGVs to operate longer on a single charge and carry heavier loads without compromising efficiency.


Faster Charging: Lithium batteries typically have faster charging capabilities compared to lead-acid batteries. This results in reduced downtime for AGVs, allowing them to return to operation quickly and improving overall productivity.


Longer Cycle Life: Lithium batteries generally have a longer cycle life than lead-acid batteries, meaning they can withstand a greater number of charge-discharge cycles before needing replacement. This longevity reduces maintenance costs and enhances the reliability of AGV operations.


Maintenance-Free Operation: Lithium batteries require minimal maintenance compared to lead-acid batteries, which often need regular watering and equalization to ensure optimal performance. This translates to lower maintenance costs and less hassle for AGV users.


Space Efficiency: Lithium batteries have a higher energy density per unit volume, allowing for more compact battery packs. This space efficiency is crucial for AGVs with limited space for battery installation, enabling better utilization of the available space for other components.


Environmental Considerations: Lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly than lead-acid batteries due to their lower toxicity and higher recyclability. Choosing lithium batteries aligns with sustainability goals and reduces the environmental impact of AGV operations.


Temperature Performance: Lithium batteries generally perform better in a wide range of temperatures compared to lead-acid batteries, ensuring consistent operation in varying environmental conditions. This reliability is essential for AGVs operating in diverse settings.


Overall Cost Savings: While the upfront cost of lithium batteries may be higher than lead-acid batteries, the long-term cost savings from reduced maintenance, longer lifespan, and improved efficiency often make them a more cost-effective choice for AGV users in the long run.


In summary, opting for lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries for AGV applications can result in improved performance, efficiency, reliability, and cost savings, offering a compelling choice for users looking to enhance their AGV operations.


Operating Voltage 40-58.4V 40-58.4V
Battery capacity 50Ah 100Ah
Battery energy 2560Wh 5120Wh
Weight 22kg(48lb) 45kg(99lb)
Product size Customized Customized
Enclosure material 1.5mm cold rolled iron plate 1.5mm cold rolled iron plate
Continuous charging current 25A 50A
Peak discharge current 50A (duration 2S) 100A (duration 2S)
Rated discharge current 25A 50A
Charging cut-off voltage 58.4V 58.4V
Discharge cut-off voltage 43.2V 43.2V
Charging method CC-CV CC-CV
Self-discharge ≤2% per month,25°C ≤2% per month,25°C
Temperature characteristics -20℃~55℃ -20℃~55℃
Storage temperature 0~45℃ 0~45℃
Cycle life 2000,capacity≥80% @25℃ 0.5C/0.5℃ 2000,capacity≥80% @25℃ 0.5C/0.5℃


Customized AGV Lithium Battery Solution 48V 50Ah 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery 0


Why choose Joypo AGV batteries?

Unmatched Efficiency: Elevate your AGV's performance with Joypo batteries, delivering unmatched efficiency and power for seamless operations.


Extended Battery Life: Experience prolonged battery life with Joypo, ensuring your AGV stays powered for longer durations without compromising on performance.


Rapid Charging Technology: Joypo batteries feature cutting-edge rapid charging technology, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity for your AGV fleet.


Reliable Power Supply: Trust in the reliable power supply of Joypo batteries, providing consistent energy to keep your AGVs running smoothly round the clock.


Optimized Energy Density: Maximize space and weight efficiency with Joypo batteries' optimized energy density, enhancing your AGV's payload capacity and operational flexibility.


Low Maintenance Requirements: Enjoy hassle-free operations with Joypo batteries' low maintenance design, reducing upkeep costs and ensuring uninterrupted AGV performance.


Intelligent Battery Management: Benefit from Joypo batteries' intelligent battery management system, optimizing energy usage and enhancing overall AGV efficiency.


Environmentally Conscious: Choose Joypo batteries for an environmentally conscious power solution, promoting sustainability and reducing your AGV fleet's carbon footprint.


Enhanced Safety Features: Prioritize safety with Joypo batteries' enhanced safety features, ensuring secure and reliable power supply for your AGVs in all operating conditions.


Trusted Performance: Rely on Joypo batteries for trusted performance and superior quality, setting a new standard for AGV power solutions in the industry.

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