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Quality Control
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QC Profile



At Joypo Energy, our commitment to excellence is underscored by our prestigious certifications in ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001. These internationally recognized standards attest to our unwavering dedication to quality management, environmental stewardship, and occupational health and safety. By adhering to rigorous protocols and best practices outlined in these certifications, we ensure that every aspect of our operations meets the highest industry standards. Their adherence to ISO9001 guarantees strict quality control processes and emphasizes its commitment to providing only high-quality lithium battery products. A comprehensive quality assurance strategy is designed to ensure that every product not only meets but exceeds industry standards and customer expectations. Here's an overview of their meticulous quality checking process:


1. Employee training:
Joypo Energy provides employees with extensive training covering all aspects of battery manufacturing and quality assurance. The comprehensive quality training our employees receive is the cornerstone of Jiupu's operations, ensuring that every team member is a guardian of quality and has the ability to adhere to strict standards to provide customers with reliable and high-performance products.


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2. Incoming material inspection:
Every batch of raw materials received by the Joypo factory is thoroughly inspected to ensure that it meets strict quality standards. This includes checking for correct specifications, material integrity and safety compliance. Only approved materials are allowed to enter the production stage.


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3. Process quality inspection:
During the manufacturing process, products are continuously inspected at all stages of production. This includes online automated inspections and manual inspections by trained technicians to identify and correct any deviations from their standard manufacturing processes. This step ensures that potential issues are addressed promptly before they affect the final product.


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4. Post-production testing:
After assembly, each battery undergoes a series of performance tests. These tests include capacity verification, cycle life testing, temperature resistance, and safety testing under various conditions. This rigorous testing ensures batteries are reliable, safe and meet specified standards under all expected conditions of use.


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5. Final inspection before shipment:
Before shipment, conduct final inspection. This includes visual inspection, checking all electrical parameters and reviewing compliance with customer specifications. Only products that pass final inspection will be packed and shipped. This ensures that every product delivered to customers is defect-free and ready for deployment.


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6. Continuous improvement feedback loop:
Joypo Energy incorporates feedback from the quality control process into a continuous improvement program. Issues discovered during inspections are immediately corrected and root causes analyzed to prevent recurrence. This practice not only improves product quality but also improves the production process over time.


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By implementing such a detailed and strict quality control system, Joypo Energy demonstrates its unwavering commitment to quality at every operational level. You can trust their ability to consistently deliver quality products, making Joypo Energy the ideal long-term partner for all your lithium battery needs.

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